you're not a zoomer unless you vape piss every day

@trickster @mdszy careful, there's probably a whole bunch of gamer girl piss fakes on ebay

@Dee @mdszy real gamer girl piss will evaporate with no trace in a silver spoon, I know how to snuff the fake shite out

@trickster @Dee

off topic: is that a reference to something that actually does/is believed to do so

@mdszy @Dee yeah, I can hazily remember my great-grandmother telling me something about testing some other substance or other by evaporating it in a silver spoon, but I couldn't tell you what it was or if it was scientifically accurate

at least she taught me tarot

@mdszy @Dee like, I can imagine that out of 2 look-alike substances, one would leave some dark muck behind while the other wouldn't, and it would only behave like that in a silver spoons because of some chemical reaction, or because it was just plain more visible on really polished, shiny metal

seeing as she came from a time and place before ubiquitous modern medicine, she knew a lot of these things that bordered on magical practice

@trickster @mdszy gotta make sure they're not selling you fake laudanum

@Dee @trickster

i feel like this conversation is leading me to search for multiple things that might make IT become worried

@mdszy @trickster just tell them it's for a bit on a yeeting website you run

@Dee @trickster

because that totally won't make them even MORE worried

@mdszy @trickster yeeting is perfectly natural and very popular among the youth of today

@Dee @trickster

ah yes my company where the average employee age is like 50 will understand this

@mdszy @trickster Exactly: you're in the perfect position to become a consultant on zoomer affairs, and if you tell them zoomers vape piss every day, they won't know any better.

@Dee @mdszy *BBC voice* "and now to our zoomer affairs correspondent, smashing_dat_boipucci"

@trickster @Dee

one of these days you shits are gonna make me bust up laughing at work and i'm gonna be completely hosed

@trickster @mdszy for some reason, I imagine the BBC's zoomer affairs correspondent would be a 50 year old man

@Dee @mdszy yeah, it's what the BBC does best, they find the youngest, reddest kentish man and send him to live like 30 years somewhere else and make him a correspondent, heaven forfend you have a local do it

im sorry but uspol 

@Dee @mdszy I can imagine a 50 year old man from kent with face tatoos and a pineapple haircur talking about inventing in gamer girl piss stock

@AskChip @trickster @mdszy unconventional sushi solutions. Let's also interview a sushi chef, and we have a news story.

@Dee @mdszy @trickster A sushi chef would likely rather show me how to slit my own throat, but I just can't stand raw fish. I've eaten it accidentally, thinking it was a dessert on a buffet, can't say I enjoyed it but it didn't stop me from finishing the portion to make sure I didn't particularly care for it.

@AskChip @Dee @mdszy @trickster I once tried sushi and hated it. My brain is wired not to eat raw meat, and fish is meat imo.

@trickster @mdszy well hey, later they can use him in a documentary where he offhandedly mentions living somewhere, and he says it while being there, so they clearly flew him out there for that 30 seconds of footae

@Dee @mdszy I want Mark Mardell to talk to me in soothing RP monotone about gamer girl piss at "The World at One" on BBC radio 4

@Dee @mdszy He's got "Tweeting promiscuously on The World" in his Twitter bio, oh Mark, if you only knew.

@trickster @Dee

if i saw this toot before seeing the previous one i would have been much more concerned and very confused

@mdszy @Dee yeah, I would see why that would raise concerns, even on y.s

I have a bunch more bits to go through before I start at-ing the instance admin my ASMR softcore fantasies where he reads me zoomer world news

@trickster @Dee

fun fact there is someone with the username i usually use on twitter

he works for some political interest group for like, veteran issues in washington dc or smth

@trickster @Dee he's had the username since 2009, way before i started using it

so if this was like bbs-era internet i'd probably be harassed to give up my handle or something

@mdszy @trickster There's someone with the username DeeUnderscore on Twitter, and they registered in January of this year, which means they are clearly trying to steal my identity.

There's also someone with D_... or there was, apparently they're suspended now

@mdszy @trickster DeeUnderscore’s bio is “Being different” and if you’re gonna use my name at least don’t do that

@Dee @mdszy there is nobody with the name "trickster" on the social media, and even if they were, that is clearly not me as I am *formerly* a trickster

@mdszy move over discord, there's a new god of mischief in town, and this barrel ain't big enough for the both of us

@mdszy, lmao, I could redirect that to a contextually funny wikipedia page

@trickster @mdszy You know, I actually unironically found out that PewDiePie is not pronounced "pew die pie" from a BBC news podcast that contained a story about him being racist or something

@Dee @trickster

yeah your zoomer card is being revoked

sorry i don't make the rules

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