@mdszy @trickster Exactly: you're in the perfect position to become a consultant on zoomer affairs, and if you tell them zoomers vape piss every day, they won't know any better.

@Dee @mdszy *BBC voice* "and now to our zoomer affairs correspondent, smashing_dat_boipucci"

@trickster @mdszy for some reason, I imagine the BBC's zoomer affairs correspondent would be a 50 year old man

@Dee @mdszy yeah, it's what the BBC does best, they find the youngest, reddest kentish man and send him to live like 30 years somewhere else and make him a correspondent, heaven forfend you have a local do it

@Dee @mdszy I can imagine a 50 year old man from kent with face tatoos and a pineapple haircur talking about inventing in gamer girl piss stock

@AskChip @trickster @mdszy unconventional sushi solutions. Let's also interview a sushi chef, and we have a news story.

@Dee @mdszy @trickster A sushi chef would likely rather show me how to slit my own throat, but I just can't stand raw fish. I've eaten it accidentally, thinking it was a dessert on a buffet, can't say I enjoyed it but it didn't stop me from finishing the portion to make sure I didn't particularly care for it.

@AskChip @Dee @mdszy @trickster I once tried sushi and hated it. My brain is wired not to eat raw meat, and fish is meat imo.

@trickster @mdszy well hey, later they can use him in a documentary where he offhandedly mentions living somewhere, and he says it while being there, so they clearly flew him out there for that 30 seconds of footae

@Dee @mdszy I want Mark Mardell to talk to me in soothing RP monotone about gamer girl piss at "The World at One" on BBC radio 4

@Dee @mdszy He's got "Tweeting promiscuously on The World" in his Twitter bio, oh Mark, if you only knew.

@trickster @mdszy You know, I actually unironically found out that PewDiePie is not pronounced "pew die pie" from a BBC news podcast that contained a story about him being racist or something
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