MegaGuillotine was a compromise candidate.

GigaGuillotine 2020

cursed crossover mpreg 

im sorry to report that i've had to ban one of our original users, @trickster, for such heinous acts of violence that have been reported by upstanding members of the internet community

so long, my friend

it's time for guillotines
it's time to raise the boards
it's time to sharpen blades,
we just can't take this anymore

it's nothing personal,
we gave your way a try,
we're sorry but, you at the top,
all have to die

no really, how many fucking pictures are there of biden kissing his granddaughter on the lips, what the holy fuck

> The Mr. Peanut Super Bowl ad revives him as Baby Nut, thanks to the Kool-Aid Man's tears

fire this planet into the sun

no other place to vent about this so here goes:

greek revanchists (read fascists) are just the dumbest motherfuckers on the face of the planet. you will not just strut into Istanbul and "retake Constantinopole". there are more people living in Istanbul then there are in the whole of Greece, and the moment you cross the border you're gonna face a military police that's actually fascist and doesn't eat 20 gyros a week. you'll be trashed, it's gonna be like Mike Tyson versus a pumpkin

Hitler, pointing gun: any last words, cat?
Garfield, revealing suicide vest: I *hate* Mondays.
Hitler: scheisse

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