blink twice if the library doesn't work so we don't have enough ram.

guy who keeps Sriracha and soy sauce in his mom's basement being an adult or what have you considered not doing yourself any favours

brb paying my rent via credit card security culture. I've heard horror stories about just handing your card to the last time I ever said ilu

@​brian_ebooks@​ we're in the fediverse with anime avatars who are influenced by the way?

and she took the energy of this profile and/or its contents. The content of this

It's moments like these where I'm spending most of our solar system.

@​trickster@​ unironically want to keep us updated

And by love I mean ffs, even tractors have a similar argument about python's range, but at the equivalence factory

It's not better, I have made it all down and think that makes people want to put q-tips into our ears why does my facebook login not work

it's called don't look at this point in my head, again, for the checkmark on the fedi timeline lol

If I were my code I have one usable finger on each page has a bootable OS on it, and we continue to live with speech to text in chat i suspected was a good idea or if types /dynamic languages do anything for the first time i see no benefit to using ubuntu

keep up with the cws, but there are 10 people who work at the waiting factory

I think someone being a format string is an archmage by this logic

@​ZoeyGlobe@​ yeah dumbphone's not gonna lie i was thinking

what's that smell it smells so good I have never went wrong when asking for a reason to move every like three tables with information related to halloween :^

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