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hoo boy profile changes takin a while to federate from here huh lol


cvt (cock variable torture)

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cbt (continuously ball transmission)

gee bill, how come your masto host lets you have FOUR sidekiq threads?!???

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ah ha i think it's upgraded there's four sidekiq jobs running

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as in like

hardware upgrade

version isn't changing

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so anyone else wnat an an ccount on fedi's premiere unused shitposting instance

also i just enabled invite links for anyone to use so

me: what if i just yeeted

me, five seconds later: okay hey guys im actually gonna upgrade the plan :)

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OOPS turns out when you block a domain or multiple it has to cHUG to remove media files and shit

haha whoops

did federation just actually fucking die

im @'ing myself because i'd be mad because then i'd have to move like half of my bots off of here and onto botsinspace or something

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@ me if you would be super mad if i yoinked the instance

i should stop forgetting about this place more like mastotech.downtimenotifications lmao

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