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imagine not satisfying the shapiro elements of music composition




@trickster ‪*sniff sniff sniff*‬ Awww yeah I smell some gamer girl feet!‬ ‪*skitters towards your feet on all fours*‬ ‪M'lady please I've been so good‬

imagine resisting entropy and not just letting your physical form dissolve into the void

I understand where you're coming from but I have yet to find a heterosexual woman who enthusiastically participates in sex.

horrible awful don't subject your poor eyes to this please 

@Dee we gotta own the libs with facts and logic

if climate change is real then how come it gets colder at night

checkmate libs

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shrinking charlie kirks face is a communist conspiracy meant to discredit conservative intellectuals

referring to california as commiefornia to own the libs

Mastodon is crumbling because of the existence of yeet dot social

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