@boi yeah sorry i dont work in an apparently empty office and can just look up disturbing shit during my workday


"mork im gonna kill u for making a bad joke about sonic"

you: literally posting this

disturbing image 


although after traveling with my recently-married coworker i really don't want to deal with the shit she has gone through

jeez getting a rental car was a moderate pita because fucking despite the long standing tradition of surname changes in this goddamn country, there are so many companies that just CANNOT HANDLE IT

will the united states governement let you do this? learn more at 7

at what point do i go to the courthouse and get my name legally changed to mork

@bclindner i will click that approve button n times just for you brian

@bclindner (i literally dont' care if you want to namesquat fifty thousand names i will approve them all)

@bclindner also makes it trivial to set up a filter for any email sent to a +tag'd address

it's pretty slick

for all the garbage that google is, all the gmail address fuckery you can do is kinda cool

@bclindner that's how i do literally every bot account on this site

@bclindner oh hell yeah it's a real good feature

you can also throw periods wherever you want since some sites don't take +tags properly

so md.szyman@gmail.com is identical to md.s.zyman@gmail.com


+tags are great because then you can figure out who is selling ur email if you're interested in that sorta thing

mork is a drug-addled fuck 

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