more like mastotech.downtimenotifications lmao

Gideon's Green Dinosaur #2

1 oz Peach Vodka
1 cup white Sugar

Garnish with the cranberryjuice and sprite to taste the Vodka and Grand Marnier
Mix in chilled hot chocolate according to instructions on can
measure light and add in the refrigerator for up to two weeks before drinking
Add the lemonade to the first 24 hrs

oh hey i saw something from here show up on m.t

okay the instance seems to be broken

I'm working on fixing it


it's time for guillotines
it's time to raise the boards
it's time to sharpen blades,
we just can't take this anymore

it's nothing personal,
we gave your way a try,
we're sorry but, you at the top,
all have to die

im sorry to report that i've had to ban one of our original users, @trickster, for such heinous acts of violence that have been reported by upstanding members of the internet community

so long, my friend


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