@mdszy TIL you can just do username+bullshit@gmail.com and it just kinda Works

@bclindner oh hell yeah it's a real good feature

you can also throw periods wherever you want since some sites don't take +tags properly

so md.szyman@gmail.com is identical to md.s.zyman@gmail.com


+tags are great because then you can figure out who is selling ur email if you're interested in that sorta thing

@bclindner that's how i do literally every bot account on this site


@bclindner also makes it trivial to set up a filter for any email sent to a +tag'd address

it's pretty slick

for all the garbage that google is, all the gmail address fuckery you can do is kinda cool

@mdszy H U H my email provider ALSO does that

so my fucking mind just got blown

@bclindner (i literally dont' care if you want to namesquat fifty thousand names i will approve them all)

@mdszy time for boi1, boi2, boi3, boi4, boi5, boi6, boi7...

@bclindner i will click that approve button n times just for you brian

@mdszy im gonna script them all to send you photos of hot dogs, mork,,,,

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