honestly if (((echo parentheses))) werent co-opted by assholes for stupid asshole reasons they'd be really fun for representing sound in text

@mdszy just use right parens and then people will think just you're russian))))

@Dee @mdszy someone once linked me to a nice tweet from one of the boffins working on Racket, but then I clicked off the tweet to see his profile, and his bio is like "Mormon [bunch of other stuff]" and one of his recents tweets was to an abriged version of the John Galt speech, and just, why did I click off that tweet, I could have continued living in ignorance.

@Dee @mdszy I'm not someone who will just personally CANCEL someone for something like that, all in all, a university boffin most probably won't have the necessary reach to do any damage outside of this immediate vicinity, which is why programming language research is so homogeneous. But every once in a while while working on racket I will have intrusive thoughts about this.Why am I like this.

@Dee @mdszy In conclusion, Racket and the associated IDE are the work of a programming language team entirey staffed with Hatsune Miku.

@trickster @mdszy this is like that time I found a trans girl contributor to a foss project who was into catgirls and also into Donald Trump
@trickster @mdszy I'm honestly reluctant to mention that, because I figure there's probably like half a dozen people who fit that description, total
@mdszy it also helps if you rewrite your post twice before submitting and then don't reread it so you end up writing broken english

@mdszy I really wish we could reclain a lot of the shit we left behind for some fucking reason, but I wouldn't know how to do it without attracting really shite people that aren't in on the joke, kind of like with bibble bot

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