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BE WARNED PEOPLE!!!! Internet enabled buttplugs are not secure! I watched a live presentation of a buttplug being compromised, it's firmware being replaced, and a malicious payload loaded that would automatically infect other buttplugs within wireless range. Protect yourself. Here is the full video:

if you say "up-vote" on reddit you're probably a fucking boomer

This is my alt. That I wish to keep separated from my main. I have discovered the depths of Mastodon are a gold mine of weird shit. Which I have come to dig too deeply and too greedily.

"Will it blend" knock-off show called "will it yeet"

(spoiler: it always yeets)

im Cool™️ enough to have a dedicated internet sanity checker

get on my level kiddos

Confucius say: "big tits with no ass will fill your hands, but big ass with no tits will fill your heart"

if the windows xp sample music isn't played at my funeral i will literally haunt each and every one of you fuckers

there's a point where youtube sketches where one person plays multiple parts go from being funny to being "okay is this person alright or"

no thanks, I don't drink

Where the weed at tho

Yes fellow zoomers, I play fortcraft minenite. Yeet.
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